Take part in the fêtes Votives at Grau du Roi!

The Grau-du-Roi votive festival is one of the most eagerly awaited events at the end of the summer season. These traditional Camargue festivals are organized every year and historically close the summer bullfighting season.
They take place in September and bring together thousands of people.

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One of the local Grau du Roi activities

The festival program is very varied and includes street performances, bullfights, bull parades, concerts, dance shows and fireworks displays. The fêtes votives are also an opportunity for visitors to sample local culinary specialties and discover a rich and varied cultural panorama. The colors and sounds of the Grau-du-Roi votive festival are a unique blend that makes this annual event unforgettable.

The program features a mix of Languedoc jousting and Camargue racing.
Traditional Grau du Roi activities include parades and boules, balls and donkey and bull races.

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A week of traditional Camargue activities

During these festivities, locals and holidaymakers alike take part in activities and shows organized by the Comité des Fêtes du Grau-du-Roi. There are music, dance and theater performances, religious ceremonies, games and creative competitions for children.

One of the highlights of the Grau du Roi or any other town’s votive festival is the sea party. Colorful boats illuminated by hundreds of lights circle the harbor, and revelers fill the streets and alleys. It’s a magical moment of fun and fervor.

It’s a great opportunity to celebrate local culture and discover Camargue traditions and cultures. Thousands of people crowd the pontoons and canals to enjoy the festivities. The Fêtes votives Grau-du-Roi is an exceptional festival where everyone can take part and enjoy the festive, fun atmosphere. A unique opportunity to celebrate summer with family and friends!

In the Camargue, fêtes votives follow one another from spring to autumn. These festivities, which are held in strict accordance with tradition, are punctuated by the arrival of the bulls in town and the Camargue races.

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A “revivre” to close the fete votive grau du roi

<p>Le <strong>Revivre</strong> is a way of extending the festivities even further. It always takes place<strong> a few weeks after the fête votive</strong>, and generally marks the end of the summer season.<br /> Would you like to take part in the Grau du Roi festival? Many campsite rentals in Grau du Roi are still available during this period. Check the schedule for our 4* Les jardins de Tivoli campsite!</p>
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Traditional summer festivals in the Camargue

The summer months, until October, are ideal for discovering the traditions and cultures of Provence. Located between Nîmes and Montpellier, this region is rich in tradition.
The Camargue is renowned for its traditional activities, which delight visitors from all over the world.

The program includes herdsmen gatherings, bull runs and equestrian shows, giving visitors the chance to learn more about the history and culture of the South of France.

On July evenings, you can take part in horse-drawn carriage rides around the salt marshes and discover the gulls and flamingos that live there. Between the performances of the gardians with their white cows and the tasting of local produce, holidaymakers can enjoy a pleasant stay in the south.
Immersion and a change of scenery guaranteed!

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<h2>Take part in the Marina Festival too!</h2>
<p>Like the Fête Votive Grau du Roi, the Port Camargue Grau du Roi Marina Festival takes place at the end of summer, around August 20.</p> <p>The Grau-du-Roi Marina Festival is an annual event eagerly awaited by locals and visitors alike.</p> <p>This festival full of wonderful activities and shows is organized every year around underwater activities such as fishing, sailing and fish watching.<br /> Traditional Camargue events, such as the <strong>Roussataïo</strong>, are also part of the festivities.</p> <p>Local food stalls stand alongside music and theater performances, and exhibitions of handicrafts created by local artisans. The many events and activities on offer provide participants with interesting opportunities to spend quality time together as a family. This festival is a paradise for all ages, and there’s tons to discover including handicrafts, food stalls and entertainment shows.</p> <p>Like most festivities, the Port de Plaisance festival at the Port Camargue Grau du Roi closes with a ball and fireworks display on the harbor.</p>

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