Family activities: the Grau du Roi Seaquarium

Located just 15 minutes from Les Jardins de Tivoli campsite, the Seaquarium marine institute in Le Grau du Roi is a marine aquarium where you can admire over 2,000 species of fish.
There are also just over 25 species of sharks, seals, turtles and sea lions in giant basins.
With family or friends, plunge into the heart of a fascinating world!

Halfway between an aquarium and a museum, the Seaquarium marine institute is strongly committed to protecting the oceans and marine species.

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A self-guided tour divided into universes

Inside the Grau du Roi Seaquarium, the visit is organized into universes.

  • Espace Méditerranée,
  • Tropical space,
  • Imaginarium,
  • Plastic Invasion: a playground dedicated to the world of plastic. Discover this playful exhibition in favor of the preservation of seas and oceans.
  • Requinarium,
  • Marine Mammal Center.

The different worlds are themselves organized into interactive trails.
They have all been designed to allow visitors to learn and enrich their knowledge while having fun.
Highly committed to preserving the marine environment, the institute enables youngsters to become real players in protecting the marine world.
A moment to share with the whole family for maximum fun!

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Seaquarium du Grau du Roi, a truly committed marine institute

<p>Did you know that? The equivalent of a garbage truck is dumped into the oceans every minute!<br /> The Grau du Roi Seaquarium has decided to take action.<br /> This marine institute is actively involved in the preservation of marine flora and fauna.<br /> The projects are very varied. They are orchestrated by the Institute’s teams, but also by NGOs, local associations, project promoters and others.<br /> The vast majority of the institute’s activities take place in the Mediterranean, and more specifically in the Gulf of Lion. He is also involved in international projects from time to time.<br /> The Seaquarium is 2,400 m2 dedicated to the discovery and education of underwater species.</p>

Do you know the Espiguette speckled seahorse and short-snouted seahorse?

Located on the Camargue coast near the Banc de l’Espiguette, the Seaquarium institute in Le Grau du Roi breeds seahorses to support the development of the species.
Visit the “Espace méditerrannéen” universe! You’ll find that this marine animal from the Petite Camargue plunges you into a fascinating world.

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Gulf of Lion Blue Shark

The blue shark is the last shark species to be seen in the French Mediterranean. It is also one of the most heavily fished sharks in the world. This curious animal is regularly seen off the Mediterranean coast.
The Gulf of Lion is also one of the nurseries of the blue shark.
This species is threatened and even critically endangered (CR) in the Mediterranean. That’s why the Grau du Roi Seaquarium, in association with several associations and the Munich Aquarium, is working to protect its ecosystem.

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Les Activites Familiale De Biscarrosse (Familienaktivitäten in Biscarrosse)

A wide range of actions to protect the marine environment

The institute welcomes and educates people from an early age. Many schools visit the Seaquarium, which offers attractive rates.
In addition to educational outings, the creation of dissemination campaigns aimed at all age groups helps to inform and educate new generations.

<h2>Book tickets for Seaquarium du Grau-du-roi and get there</h2>
<p>The Seaquarium is open all year round, except on December 25 and January 1.<br /> Opening times vary according to the season.</p> <p>For all the practical information you need to get to the Seaquarium, visit: https: <a href="">// </a> </p> <p>Tickets for the Grau-du-Roi Seaquarium can be purchased both online and in person.<br /> Do you have young children? Admission is free for children under 5, and reduced rates for children under 15.</p> <p>Anticipate your visit and book your tickets for the Seaquarium:<br /> Online ticketing: https: <a href="">// </a> </p> <p> </p>

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