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4-star campsite grau du roi: activities and entertainment

Every parent knows that children love to climb, jump, swing, slide and climb. Our sheltered, shaded play area offers imaginative play for your children. Your Le Tivoli campsite offers a wide range of activities and entertainment for the whole family.

Visit children’s playgrounds at camping Grau du Roi are designed for your children’s entertainment and enjoyment. They offer a variety of fun activities for young adventurers. Like swings, slides, play structures, running paths and a sandbox.

Les play area campsites are wonderful places for children to play, share and explore. There are different types of playground for children, each with its own specific play equipment. Swinging gantry and many other structures. The playground offers children a wide range of fun and stimulating activities. Themed outdoor play areas and integrated play equipment are often available for children.

Play areas are designed to offer children a safe and protected experience. There are a number of safety features to ensure this. Such as protective measures, barriers, supports, safety devices and adequate, healthy surfaces.


Aquagym, relaxing leisure activities at the grau du roi campsite

During the months of July and Augustaquagym are offered daily from the outdoor pool. In factaquagym is a great way to have fun while staying in shape. Exercises in the water are safer and offer better muscular balance than those outside the water. They also allow you to tone up gently, without excessive effort.

Laquagym is also an interesting option for those suffering from joint and muscle pain, as water relieves pressure on the body. Our campsite makes you feel particularly at home. It offers a variety of activities to keep holidaymakers busy. L’aqua-gym is undoubtedly one of the campers’ favourite activities… behind the waterslide, of course!

You can practiceaquagym at your own pace and adapt to different levels of difficulty. We also focus on fun and conviviality in our aquagym sessions and, more generally, in all the programs on offer at the campsite.

With fun and energetic exercises, theaquagym are the perfect all-round vacation activity. Leave your children in the hands of our kids’ club entertainers to get the most out of them!


Leisure activities, a must at the Grau du Roi campsite

A veritable institution, the boulodrome with its dozen or so courts, will be the setting for a number of fiercely contested tournaments, always rounded off by a giant aperitif.

At the heart of our Port Camargue campsite is an essential game: the boulodrome. Much more than just a game of boules, it’s an integral part of the culture of camping caravanning and the Camargue region. The boulodromealso known as jeu de boules or pétanque, is one of holidaymakers’ favorite games. It is usually played on a concrete terrace with three balls and nine pins. The aim of the game is to throw the ball as close as possible to the goal or booty, which is located in the center of the field.

Players can throw their marbles in two different ways: they can either roll or throw the marble. The booty is used to evaluate the distance between the ball and the goal. The boulodrome is very popular with our holidaymakers because it’s easy to play and offers a great opportunity to relax and enjoy the good weather. It’s also a great way to spend time with family and friends. Players can go head-to-head, playing two against two or more, and have a great time together.


A musical space for our holidaymakers at the Grau du Roi campsite

For those who want to keep the party going past the official 11:30 p.m. without disturbing the others. A soundproofed “discotheque” open exclusively to camping and Residence guests is available from 11.30pm to 2am.

Our holidaymakers can enjoy a wide range of evening entertainment activities during their stay at our Grau du Roi campsite . These include divided into veritable vacation villages. Activities include live music, concerts, evening tours, dinner shows, children’s entertainment, video entertainment, theme nights and much more. Every evening, there will be something new and exciting to discover, taste and experience.

Evenings with musical space are another fun and entertaining way to spend the evening. From blues and country to pop, classical and jazz, variety is guaranteed to keep everyone entertained. There are also dance parties, which guests can organize among themselves or attend professional shows.

The camping Grau du Roi offers a variety of musical entertainment to suit all tastes. From karaoke nights for all ages to wild parties under the stars, there’s something for everyone. We also organize theme evenings for all ages. Like dance shows, musical quizzes, comedy and live concerts.


Camping Grau du Roi bord de mer, activities such as MiniGolf

At the entrance to the campsite, next to the Snack Pizzeria, in a shady setting. Discover the journey of minigolf through fountains and streams. Visit minigolf is the ideal way to have fun while camping.

Whether you’re with your family, friends or partner, the minigolf is an activity that will delight all holidaymakers. The minigolf is an exciting blend of bowls and golf that’s easy to learn and play. Miniature golf courses offer a variety of layouts and opportunities to test your skills. From beginner to expert, there are courses to suit all levels. They can be discussed individually or as a family.

We offer holidaymakers everything they need for an unforgettable vacation. Our campsite also has a multi-sports field, a mini-golf course and a children’s playground. All this entertainment is spread across a vast green space. Visitors can enjoy nature and have fun at the same time.


Discover table tennis at the campsite: a fun activity!

For experienced table tennis players and beginners alike. The tables of ping-pong located in the entertainment center, behind the aquatic area, will enable them to compete in fierce games. (rackets and balls can be borrowed from reception).

Vacations at camping Grau du Roi are fun and varied, especially if you enjoy a game of ping-pong ! With a flat play surface and protective roof, it’s easy to play outside all day long, to take advantage of the pleasant temperatures. The ping-pong is a popular and exciting game that can be enjoyed by everyone in your family or group. It’s a stimulating way to show off your skills, but also to build social relationships and a spirit of mutual support.

In fact ping-pong is a great way to have fun and keep fit when you’re at the le tivoli campsite. It’s also a fun activity that lets campers play games and enjoy an evening in the great outdoors. The ping-pong can be played by everyone. You can play quick games in teams or longer games between one or more players. The ping-pong is also an excellent activity for children, who can have fun while trying to perfect their skills. It’s also a great way to spend time with your family and have fun together.


Take advantage of our fitness room at the Tivoli campsite

Want to take advantage of this summer break to take care of your figure? Our new fitness roomlocated next to the swimming pool, equipped with weights and cardio equipment, awaits you. Ready to spend an unforgettable vacation in the seaside resort of
Camping Grau du Roi bord de mer
is the ideal campsite! The fitness room provides holidaymakers with a cool, relaxing experience, even when it’s hot outside.

Reserved for Le Tivoli guests .The fitness room offers a variety of activities to be enjoyed freely and actively. You can choose from a complete range of body-building equipment. Like treadmills, cardio machines, weights and even group classes and individual workouts.

La fitness room includes a wide range of equipment for all levels and tastes. Whether you like cardio, weights or isometric movements, you’re bound to find something to keep you fit and having fun! Each course is tailored to your level and needs – from beginners to the most advanced. You’ll also find experts to guide and support you during your session, offering advice and encouragement.


Experience a multi-sports pitch at the campsite

For fans of team sports, the multi-sports pitch is mainly reserved for soccer, basketball and volleyball. Visit camping Grau du Roi bord de mer with a multi-sports field is the perfect way to spend a relaxing and totally entertaining vacation. Thanks to this form of outdoor tourism, you can enjoy everything you need for an unforgettable and rewarding camping experience.

Experience a real multi-sports field for your camping holiday! For us, the multi-sports ground is ideal for water sports, basketball and beach volleyball enthusiasts. In addition to offering you moments of entertainment and fun, multisport field also helps holidaymakers stay in shape. With a basketball court, beach volleyball court and water sports area, there’s something for everyone to enjoy and keep fit.

The multi-sports ground offers you the perfect opportunity to have fun and keep fit. Outdoor sports and games can help you spend quality time with family and friends and create happy memories. Whatever your skill level, you’ll find something you like.

In addition to the sporting and physical benefits they offer, the multi-sports field are friendly places to relax and chat. You can also gather around this place of pleasure to share a few pleasant moments.

Aquatic Space Swimming Pool Camping Grau Du Roi
Aquatic area
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