Lunapark Grau du Roi | Fun guaranteed

Are you looking for a festive place to have fun with the whole family during your stay?
Discover Lunapark! A 5-minute walk from your Les Jardins de Tivoli campsite!
Luna Park Amigoland opens its doors every evening in July and August! Discover this fairground and all the surprises it has in store for you.

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Luna Park Amigoland: your summer funfair in Le Grau-du-Roi

On vacation in the Camargue with family or friends, you’ll have the chance to take part in local festivities, stroll through the night markets, and enjoy the leisure activities and outings that enliven the Gard and Hérault coastline in summer. Every evening from mid-June to early September, the Luna Park Grau du Roi summer funfair opens its doors to you!

The fair has a unique flavor in the mild summer evenings. Smells of cotton candy, candy apples and chichis, music, bright lights and festive colors.
Just 100 meters from Le Tivoli, a 4-star campsite with water park in Le Grau du Roi, Luna Park Amigoland is perfectly located.
Between sea and marsh, the Luna park in Le Grau du Roi is just a few steps from the quays of the marina, an authentic Camargue port.

The site features rides for young and old, games and shooting booths, as well as food and drink stalls. Admission is free, as this is not an amusement park, but a night-time funfair.
So you can go every night! Stroll through the illuminated alleys and thrill to the most impressive thrill rides.
You can also try your luck at the rifle shooting ranges! Or simply enjoy a waffle or kebab.

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Grau du Roi: attractions for all ages at Luna Park

As a family at Le Tivoli campsite, treat your children and teenagers to the attractions of the summer funfair! Amigoland Luna Park Grau du Roi is designed for all ages and tastes. It offers stands for the very young, family attractions and rides for adrenalin-seeking holidaymakers.

The rides

Do you like to push your limits on thrill rides? Our Luna Park Grau du Roi innovates every year with some of the craziest attractions in the fairground world.
Jumbo Tet, Gravity, Zipper, The Best Loop, Beach Party, l’incontournable Grand Huit, New World and Very Bad Trip are just some of the names that will provide you with plenty of adrenaline and thrills!

Luna Park Grau du Roi is also home to the classic family rides you’d expect to find at a funfair. Do you remember the ghost train, the laugh palace (L’Usine), the bumper cars, the caterpillar, or the Pirat’Max boat? Sweet and colorful rides are also available for the little ones, as well as playgrounds and slides. And of course, the mythical Ferris wheel signals the location of the festival from afar!

Finally, discover original attractions, ideal in summer, during your stay in gard 30 at camping Le Tivoli. Try out the water games worthy of a water park at Grau du Roi. The Waterball pool for walking on water, or the Waterfall with its guaranteed laughter and splashes!

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Stalls and attractions

The charm of the funfair also lies in the brightly-colored stalls, the games, the prizes to be won and so on.
And, of course, all the fun attractions that make holidaymakers who don’t particularly like rides and their sensations so happy.

In Le Grau du Roi, Luna Park Amigoland offers a host of must-have games of skill and chance. Here you’ll find traditional duck fishing, as well as rifle shooting and string shooting. Rediscover the cranes and coin cascades, where you can win plush toys and other prizes large and small. For older children, arcade games are also available, including video games, driving simulators and the mythical Punch.

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<p>Amigoland Luna Park Grau du Roi is a gourmet’s paradise, with a wide variety of sweet and snack stands.<br /> On vacation at the Jardins de Tivoli campsite, you can stroll around in the evening to enjoy the atmosphere and sample fairground specialities.<br /> You can also eat on site. Enjoy Italian-style granita and ice cream, as well as cotton candy and chichis. Unless, of course, you’d rather opt for pommes d’amour, or waffles and crêpes.<br /> There will also be food stalls offering kebabs, sandwiches, paninis, burgers and fries.</p>

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Les Activites Familiale De Biscarrosse (Familienaktivitäten in Biscarrosse)

Practical information about Luna Park Grau du Roi

The Amigoland Luna Park Grau du Roi funfair opens every evening from the last week of June! And during the two summer months of July and August, we’re open from 8pm to 2am. Admission is free. Prices range from 2 euros to 10 euros.
Free guarded parking is available on site.

Located at 210 route de l’Espiguette, the park is less than 5 minutes’ walk from the 4-star Les Jardins de Tivoli campsite.

Book your stay at the 4-star Les Jardins de Tivoli campsite in Le Grau-du-Roi! The funfair is within walking distance!